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You’re a person who took charge of your wedding prep because you want everything to go perfectly on your special day. You’ve enjoyed picking the right venue, defining the decor, looking over the photographer portfolio, planning the ceremony, creating a reception theme, and deciding a delicious caterer. But during the day of the event, you also want to focus on the experience of getting married. You want to enjoy interacting with the family and friends who have gathered to celebrate you and your intended spouse.


That’s where Events with Farraj can come in. You can skip searching for a “wedding coordinator near me” through our services. Our Tier 1 Package provides onsite services only during the day of the event. Your vendors will interact with our Onsite Coordination Assistants who ensure that your wedding proceeds according to your exact plans. Your vendors will meet with us instead of you. You’re then shielded from the nitty-gritty details, so that you can experience the love and excitement of your wedding day.


Naturally, we will meet with you several weeks in advance to gather your information, determine what is needed, and coordinate with your personally selected providers. We then work behind the scenes to make all your plans come to life without you even knowing that we’re there.


Of course, if you’re finding that the planning takes too much of your time, we can also help you in the final month. Our Tier 2 Package includes a Day of Coordinator New York, and all the services of Tier 1. But we also help complete the final month of your event.


Why not contact us today to see which of these packages will work better for you?

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