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Options for Your Full Wedding Planner New York

What do you look for when you do an Internet search on “wedding planners near me?” Someone to coordinate vendors and guests on your special day? A full staff that takes charge of the event from initial planning to execution? Something in the middle?


As your full wedding planner New York, Events with Farraj can take care of any or all aspects of your special day. We offer the following packages based on your budget and needs:


  • Phone Consultation. This free initial one-hour phone consultation lets us find out your ideas about your wedding, such as number of guests, budget, location, and dates. We can then figure out which of our packages work best for you.

  • Tier 1 Package: The most cost-effective of our offerings provides Onsite Coordination Assistants who appear on your wedding day to manage vendors and ensure that your celebration proceeds as you planned. This package does demand that we meet with you several weeks in advance to discuss your options.

  • Tier 2 Package: This package includes everything in Tier 1 plus your final month of planning. If you’ve already settled on most of your vendors, and just need assistance with the final details, this is the plan for you.

  • Tier 3 Package. This is the least stressful of your options. You tell us what you want and we make it happen. You’ll have all the fun, such as tasting food samples from the caterer or picking the right flowers for the ceremony. We’ll do all the work, including creating the budget, finding a site, sourcing the vendors, and managing everything on your wedding day.


Want to know more? Then call us for your free phone consultation today.

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